About Lex

Hi, I’m Lex! Above all, I am a Christian wife and mom.


I began dating my husband (Ryan) when I was 19 and our journey from that first date to the alter was pretty standard. We don’t have a perfect marriage and definitely aren’t one of those kissy-kissy, syrupy nicknaming type of couples, but I couldn’t imagine not being his. He is the introvert to my extrovert and the calm to my crazy. He reigns me in when the winds of unrealistic idealism blow me to and fro.

While our boy meets girl story is quite standard, our journey to parenthood was quite the opposite. In January 2015, we welcomed our first child to our family via the blessing of international adoption from China. Our son’s name is Kai and he is love personified in a tiny 4 year old body.

Disclaimer: OUR FAMILY IS NOT PERFECT! We are 3 sinners, covered by the blood of Christ, living under one roof, loving each other. Our journey to familyhood was challenging, but not impossible. Adoption is expensive, but doable. Dealing with a grieving child is hard, but not unbearable. Adoption, especially international adoption, isn’t reserved for Madonna and Angelina Jolie. YOU can do it too, we did!

Adoption is my heartbeat. So stay tuned if you’re interested in seeing adoption unveiled as we hope to take our little family of 3 to 4 in the near future as we journey to our next son, Lok, who is also waiting in China. If you’re interested in contributing monetarily to Lok’s story, then click here: http://youcaring.com/lovinglok. Every child deserves a family and I’m so happy my family is growing through the blessing of adoption.


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