RWL: Lace

About a month or so ago a senior neighbor of mine moved away and into an assisted living community. This woman learned how to sew at age 30 and had slowly become quite the seamstress over the past 50+ years. The result of this was an absolutely enormous stash of fabric! If you are or have ever been a quilter, then you know exactly how fast your stash can grow; now imagine how large this would be after decades of “scraps”! So during her last week as my neighbor she called me over to her house and said: dear, I have a few scraps of fabric I want to give you. “A few scraps of fabric” was, in actuality, four trash bags busting at the seams as well as a few specialty pieces from Japan that were carefully preserved separately!

Thank God that I have a giant attic and lots of crafty friends or else I have no idea what I would have done with all of that fabric! This weekend, I finally cracked open one bag and stumbled upon some lovely yardage of vintage lace. It made me realize that I know little to nothing about working with lace so I began searching for lace items on Etsy to see what others do with it. I was quite taken by all of the lace pieces I found, henceforth we have a lace inspired Rainbow Wish List this week. Enjoy!

Lace pendant necklace, Red lace jewelry, Victorian jewelry 1960s dress / 60s orange lace party dress / fall autumn vintage halloween fashion

baby romper, Light Yellow Lace Petti Romper, rompers, baby girls Rompers, Photo props, newborn Rompers, Birthday outfit, flower girl, baby Lime green lace black clutch -  fashion, large purse, hand painted accessory OOAK

Navy blue lace embroidered floral tulle net trim 2 yards BL085 Bridesmaid jewelry, Purple Blue lace bracelet in antique bronze, bridal bracelet

Lavender Crochet Bib Necklace with Brass Chain and Antiqued Brass hearts


Voila! Aren’t they just lovely? And isn’t that little chubster in the yellow outfit just to die for? So many rolls!

Now let’s see what becomes of my lace yardage. Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!

Indie Lovely is Here!

Indie Lovely is Here!

If you have never read a digital magazine before, might I suggest to you fabulous Indie Lovely Spring 2013 by the fabulous Anne!


I had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting Anne while taking an e-course called Fresh Start given by the equally fabulous Kari Chapin; author of The Handmade Marketplace; which is a must read for anyone interested in breaking into the handmade world. (Click on either image to take you to these women’s wonderful work).


Anyhow, Anne is an amazing indie lifestylist who can literally do no wrong in my book. The woman is a genius (yes, genius) with graphic design and is not half bad with a crochet hook, among her many other talents. Anne is very active within the Detroit handmade community and is continually posting events and other ongoings happening throughout Detroit and the surrounding areas that truly make me want to become a Midwest girl!

Please give Indie Lovely a look, I think that you might enjoy page 12 in particular… I do! And while you’re at it, take a look at Anne’s other wonderfulness. She can also be found here:

I love seeing people live out their dreams and that is exactly what Anne is doing. And I am ecstatic to be included in this issue of Indie Lovely. Now go have a read, please!