Weekend Wrap-Up: 4/6-4/7

I apologize for the delay in this post and I’ll also apologize in advance for even sharing the details of the most boring weekend ever with you! On Thursday an old college friend of mine told me that she heard about a craft fair at her church that was looking for vendors. Yay! Another fair, fabulous! All the details sounded lovely (particularly the $35 booth fee which is far, far less than most). I was getting very excited as I read all the information about the fair until I reached one key line, the date: May 4th… the same exact date and time as the Queen Bee Market. NOOO!!! Blast! I was looking forward to doing both shows and raising more funds for our adoptions, but alas I cannot be two places at once. As I began typing out my declining response which started like this: thanks for thinking of me, but I am already committed to a fair on the same date. Hmm, maybe I could clone myself… or talk one of my sisters in to hosting a booth for me. Wait a second, that’s not a bad idea!

If you recall, I have one million sisters…


…well, not quite one million but I do have 4! And at least two of them would be willing (I think) to help me out. The babies; Sam & Andi! These two…


Could this actually be a possibility? If two sisters were willing, and with Mom’s help of course, could I actually produce enough inventory to successfully pull off two shows? Yes, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Right, Mom?

I took the following day to make a list of each collection and items that I would ideally like to take to each fair. As the list took shape I decided that (if I buckled down and stayed driven) I could do it! I figured that I could ask Mom and Sister Sam to take the church craft fair since Mom already has one fair under her belt and Sam is extremely sociable and outgoing. I could then take Sister Andi with me to Queen Bee since she’s a good helper, but not so extroverted. I called all 3 the following day and to my happiness, they agreed! Hooray! Needless to say, I am now very, very busy and spent my weekend doing nothing but creating hoop art!

I only stepped out of the house to teach my aerobics class, take my mother-in-law to lunch for her birthday, mosey quickly through an art market, and go to church.


Outside of that, this chick was sitting in a chair with a hoop and floss! With Husband at work on Saturday afternoon and night, I decided to have a stitching and Disney cartoon marathon. I wanted to see exactly how many hoops and flicks I could get through within an 8 hour period. I actually quite enjoyed this stitch-a-thon.


This was the result… Mulan:


This was followed by Mulan 2 during which I made dinner, ate, and took a 30 minute power nap.



The Princess and the Frog:


Then came the giant clean-up. You’d be amazed at just how many places tiny little pieces of floss can find themselves! I apologize for all of these mundane details and for even having the nerve to blog about this most uneventful weekend, but I also didn’t want you to think that I fell of the face of the planet. Toodles and stitch on!



RWL: Disney

Very early tomorrow morning Husband and I will be trekking up to Disneyland. Woohoo! I love Disneyland. We go each year for our anniversary and it’s something we always look forward to. With this trip just a short 24 hours away, Disney is hard on the brain right now. I suppose I’ll just have to whistle while I work to make today go by extra quickly! Without further adieu, may I present to you, my Disney Rainbow Wish List.

Vintage 1960s Pendleton Red Wool Button Up from Disneyland's Frontierland. Rare and Awesome Disney & Pendleton Collectible Keep Calm and Cruise On Disney Cruise Inspired Bottle Cap Magnet, great for fish extender gifts

Snow White Apple Shoes - Fully Hand painted red apples on yellow  maryjane shoe for girls - baby or toddler  Disney Shoes Snow white Disney Dwarf Doc painting - figure on green and yellow canvas.  Unique wall decoration.

Disneys Aladdin Thermos, Blue Plastic Children's Lunchbox Dreams and Courage - 11x14 Nursery Art Print

Cheshire Cat Alice in Wonderland Inspired Mini Top Hat "We're All Mad Here" In Pink And Purple Stripes


Red: That red little pendleton coat shown in the first photo is actually a vintage piece sold in Fontierland back in the 1960s. How cute is it? Even thought it isn’t overly obvious that it’s Disney, if you use your imagination I’m sure you can picture Minnie Mouse strolling down Main Street in it.

OrangeKeep Calm and Cruise On. This combines two of my all time favorites: cruises and Disney. I have long told Husband that as soon as we adopt, we will be taking our kids on a Disney cruise. Don’t the commercials always make it seem like an absolute blast full of magical Disney goodness? Seriously, how cool is it for a little girl to be able to eat with the Princesses?

Yellow: In case you didn’t catch the immediate Disney connection to those cute little maryjanes, they are painted to look like Snow White’s apple. I’m pretty sure that if we had a daughter, she would be rocking those little kicks tomorrow, they are so much fun! Now, if only they came in women’s size 10…

Green: Okay, I probably should not have selected two Snow White inspired items but I adore Doc. Doc has been my favorite dwarf since I was a little girl. Why? Well, I guess I identified with him since he seems to be the big brother of the group and I am the eldest child in my family. He seemed to be the ring leader and the one who looked out for the others and I suppose that’s how I viewed myself. I love the artist’s take on Doc, brilliant!

Blue: This Aladdin thermos brings be right back to 3rd grade! I’m almost 100% positive that one of my classmates had this. Although I find Robin Williams rather annoying now, he was dynamite as the Genie. And which little girl did not want to be Princess Jasmine and fly on a magic carpet? Little did I know at age 8 that I would meet the real voice of Jasmine at age 28. (See how I sneakily incorporate Lea Salonga in nearly each of my posts? So sly!)

Indigo: I love this Walt Disney quote. Let’s face it, the man was a genius. I’m convinced that my sister (Dee) is in love with him. She did some type of biographical report on him when she was in middle school and has been enamored ever since. I will admit that I too have watched at least 3 film biographies on the man. And no, I do not believe that he is frozen somewhere.

Violet: Disneyland is the only place that adults are encouraged to wear goofy looking hats! It’s awesome! Where else can you walk around with mouse ears on your head and not get mocked? Nowhere! I have my own pair of ears (with my name stitched on the back, of course) and I wear them every year. It’s too fun not too. However, this little Alice in Wonderland inspired hat/fastener is a more elegant take on the alternative crazy Disney hats. This hat says mad, but not too mad.

Pixel People - Storybook Princesses - PDF Cross-stitch Pattern - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Now, if only I did cross-stitch I just might tackle these princesses. Well, that’s this week’s RWL my fine folks; now more excited to go to Disneyland than I was earlier!

Wait, what was that? You wanted to see the behind the scene clip of Lea Salonga as Princess Jasmine? Well, okay…