RWL: Les Misérables

You knew that it was coming, right? The Les Mis Rainbow Wish List! I’ll wait while you pop in your Les Mis soundtrack (or at least YouTube I Dreamed a Dream) so that you can more properly get into the mood. Wink, wink.

Red  Orange  Yellow

Green  Blue  Indigo  Violet

Let’s break this down, I thought that I was so clever with this collection! Let’s see if you agree.

Red: modern-day Eponine’s hat, right? I can see her donning this bright beauty while walking the lonely streets of Paris and singing On My Own. Aww, poor Eponine.

Orange: I’m gonna say that this vest could be worn by either Marius or Enjorlas. These guys should still look swanky while defending the barricades, right?

Yellow: Marius’ ring of course! You know, the one that Thénardier steals from him. See, now you remember.

Green: Jean Valjean’s (or should I say the Bishop’s) candlesticks. Yes, I am well aware that the candlesticks are actually silver, but that wouldn’t work well for the RWL so they are green for today. I’m kinda diggin’ these bad boys; I would not mind having these for one of the many nooks in my house.

Blue: I know that you know this one… Javert’s coat. I LOVE this coat and would not mind one bit if Husband were to get it for me for my birthday (cough, cough).

Indigo: The whores’ working garb. Yes, I said ‘whore’. If you look at the film credits, playbill, soundtrack, etc. the ‘Lovely Ladies’ of the story are never referred to as working girls or prostitutes, they are called whores, straight up.

Violet: This would be Cosette’s stationary that she uses to send romantic notes to Marius while he’s playing Revolutionary. I really wish that I had kept up with calligraphy, took lessons in fifth grade and I terribly sad that I don’t remember anything.

Well, there it is: my colorful Les Mis love. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

Obsession Confession: Les Mis

If I had enough time (and money) I would walk two blocks to my local theatre and watch this every day until it is released on blu-ray. Once it’s released on blu-ray I plan on waking up at 2:30AM everyday (instead of the regular 5AM) and watching it before beginning my AM stitching session. Think I’m joking? Well, only partly. I cannot accurately explain how much I loved this movie! (I should probably preface this by saying that I have been a Mizzie [Les Mis fanatic] for some time now, but I plan on sharing more about the insane extent of this obsession at a later time.)

Half kicking I dragged my family to see it on Christmas morning after opening presents. We have a tradition of going to the movies after opening presents so it’s not like the whole family movie thing happened strictly on my account. And for about six weeks prior to our movie outing I had to endure my dad’s ridicule of musicals and enduring his whining about having to see “Miserables” (the English, not French pronunciation) was especially delightful (insert super sarcastic voice here). I would like to add, however, that once out of the theatre the first words out of his mouth were as follows: if I had been by myself I would have been balling, I had to hold back the tears so your mom wouldn’t see me. Told you, Dad! The story is amazing.

If you have not yet seen Les Mis the movie, then I want you to step away from your PC, Mac, tablet, iPad or whatever viewing device you are using to read this post and run (not walk) to your nearest movie theatre! Still there? Good, then you must have seen the movie. Wasn’t it fantastic? If you still haven’t seen it, then fear not, you still have plenty of time and we will still have many Les Mis related posts in the very near future!