Weekend Wrap-Up: 6/8-6/9

Hello good people ! I’m taking a quick break from the San Diego Indie Craft Market Highlights to do my usual Weekend Wrap-Up; and, just in time to touch on something very near and dear to my heart… the theatre!


On Saturday, I headed solo to the Old Globe’s White Theatre to watch Be A Good Little Widow. Yes, solo. I am a loner. I remember when I was a high schooler thinking, what kind of loser goes to the movies by herself? Let’s flash forward 11 years and I’m comfortable enough to attend the theatre solo. My how we change!

Once I found my seat in this rather small theatre, I took a look around at my fellow patrons. I noticed the same thing about this audience that I do about nearly every audience that I attend… I was practically the only person under age 50 and definitely the only non-Caucasian! Why, why, why young, non-white people do you not attend the theatre? I do not understand this! Husband and I generally attend the theatre with our favorite couple, the Lacortes, who happen to be Filipino and the 4 of us are generally among a very small handful of “minority” attendees. The only time that this was not the case was when we attended Allegiance which was a musical about Japanese Americans… so as you guessed, there were primarily Asian American attendees.

I’ll probably soapbox this topic in the future. I will leave with this thought however. Many people who follow this blog would be self-proclaimed “supporter of the arts”; we believe in living and/or supporting the handmade lifestyle. However, is the stage not an art form that is worthy of support? Are those actors not artists? If you’re an artist, then you’re an artist and I always leave the theatre feeling connected to the actors  because what you are witnessing on stage is just another artist pursuing his or her craft… in front of hundreds of viewers. Enough semi-soapboxing!



Be A Good Little Widow was fabulous! I laughed, I cried, I laughed again, I had snot running down my nose, I laughed, I wiped away tears and more snot… you get the picture. While the cast consisted of only four actors, it was superb. The language was a little much, but the emotion that the story was able to evoke from you was amazing. If not for the fact that yesterday was the final performance, I would definitely recommend that you see it.

After the show was over, I waited by the stage door to congratulate and thank the cast. This is a practice that I like to do as frequently as I can… I’m such a creeper! I liken this to getting a positive feedback review on Etsy when you sell one of your most prized products; you want to know that the person receiving that item truly enjoyed it. Thus, I like to let the actors know just how much I enjoyed their performance(s).

20130610-062549.jpg(I love passing through the beautiful gardens of Balboa Park. Isn’t the photo above just divine?)

On the drive home, I listened to the soundtrack of Miss Saigon. This is a quite common occurrence for me, I always listen to musicals in the car;  Wicked, Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, etc. Yes, I’m a theatre geek! I get it and I’m not ashamed to say it. I dare you to listen to the entire soundtrack of Miss Saigon without breaking out with chicken skin (goose bumps) all over your body. Impossible! The magical voice of Lea Salonga (Kim, the female lead) is something that everyone should experience. Ah, I love her! And you do too… she’s the singing voice of Princess Jasmine and Mulan. See, I was right, you love her too!

(This. Happens. Every. Time.)


Sunday was largely uneventful. We attend church, visited the family, and…. watched the TONY AWARDS!!!! You know, the Tony’s? It’s the Oscar’s/Grammy’s for the Broadway world.


The Tony’s was wonderful. I live for this stuff. I now want to see Matilida the Musical and Pippin very badly! My thoughts on Kinky Boots? Eh, not sure. Cyndi Lauper is a little too out there for me. Has anyone seen it? What were your thoughts?

Have I thoroughly theatre-geeked you out yet? Oh well! Happy Monday, folks!


Weekend Wrap-Up: 3/30-3/31

I hope you all had a very lovely Easter weekend.

I woke up at about 6AM on Saturday morning to the adorable (note the sarcasm) meow of Jack. God only knows what this cat wanted other than to ruin my sleep on the only day out of the week that I can actually sleep in until 8AM. Blasted little beast! I figured that since I was awake I might as well work on completing and packaging a few orders before I headed out to the YMCA to teach my aerobics class.

Here’s a snapshot of a 5-piece set that commissioned for a Dr. Suess themed nursery. This was my second commissioned order of the week which I think is pretty cool because commissioned pieces always seem to push you out of your regular little comfort box and allow (or force) you to create something you never would have otherwise. I rather like the finished product! (If you have a particular design or theme you’d like to have stitched, drop me a line and I’m sure that I can work something up!)


And just in case you ever wondered what my YMCA looks like…voila!


After I finished teaching my aerobics class I noticed that I received a text message from one of my dearest friends, Lorraine, that read: “Excited to watch A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder with you today! Hope it’s a good one.” What? Had I completely forgot that I was going to the theatre today? Apparently so! And thank God that Lorraine sent that reminder to me or I would have missed the show altogether! Now I had about an hour to drive home, shower, get dressed, and high-tail it over to the Old Globe! I was instructed by the theatre to pick-up my tickets at Will Call no less than an hour before the show began so I was under an extremely tight time crunch.

By the grace of God I was able to find parking easily! This absolutely never happens during the spring and summer months as the Old Globe is located in Balboa Park which is one of San Diego’s most visited tourist hot spots. Isn’t it lovely though? This has been my favorite place in all of San Diego since I was a little girl; it gives you the feeling that you’ve just been transported to Europe (with the luxury of SoCal weather!).

20130401-064159.jpg 20130401-064203.jpg

Once I picked up my tickets (early as instructed) I now had an hour to kill before the performance itself began. I decided to take a leisurely stroll through the Mingei International Museum gift shop. I love this gift shop because it shows that literally each culture that roams this big blue planet creates beautiful and unique art of its own. And I love the quote that appears immediately outside of the shop: Art Belongs to Everyone.

20130401-064228.jpg 20130401-064235.jpg 20130401-064240.jpg

Once my hour to kill had expired, I met Lorraine and her lovely husband Ed for the performance. I was the third wheel at the particular event. Husband had work to do so he was not able to join us (boo!). I believe that this was the fifth theatrical performance that I had seen with E&L. We tend to be theatre junkies together; it’s always better with partner’s in crime! And fittingly enough, we were about to watch A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.

20130401-064208.jpg 20130401-064245.jpg 20130401-064256.jpg

The set was enchanting, the story engaging, the music inviting, and the performers divine! I had no knowledge of what the musical was going to be about, thus I had no expectations; however it was fabulous! One of the cast members, played a total of eight characters! He was genius, I absolutely adored him! I will not give away any of the details of the play other than it includes love and murder. Go see it!

Once the performance was over I headed home and the most wonderful news awaiting me in my email inbox…. I was selected as a vendor for the next Queen Bee Market! Woohoo! I was so, so, so excited to read “you have been accepted!!”. It felt like my senior year of high school all over again, just waiting to see if I had been selected to by my college of choice. Well, maybe not that exciting, but pretty exciting none the less. I immediately began doing the happy dance in my living room, giving Husband about one million excited hugs, and made a prompt call to Mom to let her know that her assistance would be much required for the next several weeks. How anyone can participate in a craft fair without the assistance of his/her mother is entirely beyond me. I would have died a terrible death at my last fair if it were not for my Mom! Seriously.

The rest of my day was spent taking inventory of my finished products and drafting up lists of things that need to be finished between now and the May 4th fair. It’s going to be a busy few weeks over here in Lefty Lex land! But a fun busy few weeks. I love this stuff! For more information on Queen Bee Market, click here: http://thequeenbeemarket.com/

Sunday was Easter, in case you didn’t know. So after church was over we headed over to my parents’ house for some good ole family fun. By the time I got there Sister Jeri had already left as she had to work, but being able to spend time with 4 out of my 5 siblings wasn’t too shabby. Now, you may find this funny (or ridiculous) but I think it’s awesome… Mom still makes all 6 of us Easter baskets every year! Yes, I am 29 and I still get an Easter basket! Actually, she makes 7 baskets, because Husband gets one too.

20130401-064315.jpg 20130401-064345.jpg 20130401-064352.jpg

This year the highlight of the baskets were bottles of Middle Sister wine that accurately reflected each sister’s personality. They were as follows:

Mine: Goodie Two-Shoes. I found this funny that even my own mother would identify me as a goodie two-shoes. I am not an angel (well, not entirely) but of the five of us girls I am definitely the one who has most played by the rules my entire life and never really fought against my parents growing up. Let’s say this much: I attended a private Christian college immediately after high school, graduated four years later, was married seven weeks prior to graduation, subsequently went to grad school, etc., etc. I’m rather a homebody, I don’t really drink…I suppose you would call me goodie two-shoes!

Dee: Rebel Red. I found this one debateable I’m not quite sure that I would lable Dee a “rebel”. At this stage in her life she’s more along the lines of a free spirit. She’s just enjoying life according to herself. She’s definitely changed a bit over this past year, so perhaps that’s where the rebel is coming from.

Jeri: Forever Cool. Jeri is a musician; so by default she’s cool. This chick kills it on the electric guitar, how is that not cool?

Sam: Wild One. Well selected, Mom. Sam was definitely the devil to my angel growing up and we bumped heads like mad! I’m seven years older than Sam and we did not have a good relationship when we lived under the same roof, but we have become very close over the past two or three years. She is the only sister that I actually have 4 hour long FaceTime conversations with. Yes, out longest conversation was 4.5 hours!

Andi: Sweet & Sassy. Andi is definitely the quietest of the five of us and can definitely lost in the shuffle at times as a result of this. She’s our baby girl so, of course, she’s sweet but I’ve been told that she can have a bit of sass when it comes down to it. I don’t think I’ve seen that side of her, but the others have told me that it does exist.

20130401-064328.jpg (Mom was getting so mad that we would not take a serious picture!)

And we must not forget my brothers… Vince and puppy Bosco!

20130401-064424.jpg 20130401-064407.jpg

Hope your weekend was lovely too. That is all good people, go forth and conquer Monday!