I’m Back!

20130506-063254.jpg Hello good people! It has been a looonnnggg time! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was crazy enough to participate in two craft fairs simultaneously on May 4th (this past Saturday). And while that decision has run me ragged for the past two weeks, it was definitely worth it! I knew that I would not be able to prepare for two shows, keep up with my Etsy shop, and successfully blog all at the same time; so unfortunately the blog drew the short straw and was neglected for a bit.

As mentioned earlier, Momma Lex and Sister Sam agreed to host a booth for me at the Serra Mesa Spring Craft Fair and Sister Andi and I ran another booth at The Queen Bee Market. And while sales at the SMSCF weren’t quite what I had hoped for, our sales at QBM were fabulous! It was such an amazing experience to be around other women who are just as passionate about their art form as I am. Each booth there was literally cuter than the one before. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to walk around and see every booth, but the ones that I did see were phenomenal! I’ll share more on the whole QBM experience later on this week.

I would like to give a huge shout out to my amazing family who helped make Saturday a success. This process has brought me to the realization that I am not Super Woman and I was definitely grateful for the assistance of Husband, Momma Lex, Daddy Lex, Sister Sam, Sister Andi, and Brother Vince…

20130506-063259.jpg 20130506-063305.jpg 20130506-063310.jpg

but not Puppy! His cuteness levels stopped production several times…


The next Queen Bee Market will be a two-day event held at the QLN Conference Center in Oceanside, California on November 1st -2nd, 2013. I am already highly anticipating November and have loads of hoop designs floating around in my little head! And currently, it looks like the next fair for Lefty Lex Creations will be the San Diego Indie Craft Market on June 23rd. Time to get busy already; there’s never a dull moment around here! Am I crazy? Yah, I think so. Happy Monday everyone!


Weekend Wrap-Up: 4/13-4/14

Double fair weekend preparation number two! This weekend was, of course, filled with will several trips to Joann and Michael’s as I attempted to restock all of my used up floss and to clear San Diego County out of all wooden embroidery hoops available. I would like to take this moment and platform to bring up a grievance that I have regarding what people call the store shown below. This fine chain of stores is called Joann Fabrics and Crafts; the acceptable shortened version of this being Joann. But nearly every single individual on the face of the planet calls it Joann’sThere is no “s” and it is not possessive, it’s not referring to the fabrics and crafts of dear Joann! It is just Joann (Fabrics and Crafts). Got it? Good! Thank you for letting me vent.


My primary shopping goal for the weekend was to gather the items needed for my Queen Bee Market display. That meaning that I needed many, many crates… to build a barricade! Yes, I felt very Les Miserables (and a tad bit Miss Saigon; however only extreme theatre geeks will get that reference). In total I was able to use several coupons and buy six crates at a fabulously discounted rate. What other store sends you 40-60% off coupons nearly weekly? None! I made the most of those coupons by using them on the $12 crates, woohoo!


As you can imagine, the rest of the weekend was spent sitting on my booty doing lots and lots of stitching. Oh, and sewing! I did actually use my machine quite a bit, just so that it knows that I still love it.


20130415-055720.jpg 20130415-055725.jpg

Sunday, as always, began with worship. We even witnessed the ordination of new elders and deacons.

20130415-055748.jpg 20130415-055752.jpg

Post worship, we headed to a nearby “health” store. I use the quotations because there is plenty of unhealthy crap that can be found here and I find that people think that everything found in stores like Sprouts and Trader Joe’s is healthy. Um, it’s not. Their food is generally a better alternative to the garbage found at most nation-wide chains, but you still have to look closely at what exactly your purchasing. Husband and I don’t eat any processed foods, dairy, sugar, or grains so there you go. I do, however, eat loads of almonds! Like an embarrassing amount; I’ll level with you and say that I can easily finish off 1.5 pounds by myself in a week. Nothing is more yummy than roasted, unsalted almonds. Yum yum!


And you’ll never guess what I found there… a barricade of crates! They were following me!


And to further bore you with the mundane details of my chores, we had to buy more food for Jackie cat! He too is on a strictly protein and fruit & veggie diet. But for some reason, this particular type of Ideal Balance Science Diet did contain brown rice. Oh well!


And is it not the worst thing in the world to see caged shelter dogs right in front of a pet store entrance?! I hate this because it makes me want to take them all home with me, only I have absolutely no space for any of them! Lord help me if I lived on a ranch!

20130415-055804.jpg 20130415-055757.jpg

Brownie baking (http://jenniskitchen.com/2012/01/23/grain-free-brownies/), stitching, and quality time with Husband consumed the remainder of the day.Oh, as well as my complete love with the color pallet below! I first came across this pallet here: http://laybabylay.com/quilt-giveaway-candy-apple-delight/ while playing on Pinterest one day. It was pretty much love at first sight! And the funny thing was that Husband actually like it too.


And I could not resist adding the Les Mis felties to the barricade for one final shot! Happy Monday, everyone!


Weekend Wrap-Up: 4/6-4/7

I apologize for the delay in this post and I’ll also apologize in advance for even sharing the details of the most boring weekend ever with you! On Thursday an old college friend of mine told me that she heard about a craft fair at her church that was looking for vendors. Yay! Another fair, fabulous! All the details sounded lovely (particularly the $35 booth fee which is far, far less than most). I was getting very excited as I read all the information about the fair until I reached one key line, the date: May 4th… the same exact date and time as the Queen Bee Market. NOOO!!! Blast! I was looking forward to doing both shows and raising more funds for our adoptions, but alas I cannot be two places at once. As I began typing out my declining response which started like this: thanks for thinking of me, but I am already committed to a fair on the same date. Hmm, maybe I could clone myself… or talk one of my sisters in to hosting a booth for me. Wait a second, that’s not a bad idea!

If you recall, I have one million sisters…


…well, not quite one million but I do have 4! And at least two of them would be willing (I think) to help me out. The babies; Sam & Andi! These two…


Could this actually be a possibility? If two sisters were willing, and with Mom’s help of course, could I actually produce enough inventory to successfully pull off two shows? Yes, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Right, Mom?

I took the following day to make a list of each collection and items that I would ideally like to take to each fair. As the list took shape I decided that (if I buckled down and stayed driven) I could do it! I figured that I could ask Mom and Sister Sam to take the church craft fair since Mom already has one fair under her belt and Sam is extremely sociable and outgoing. I could then take Sister Andi with me to Queen Bee since she’s a good helper, but not so extroverted. I called all 3 the following day and to my happiness, they agreed! Hooray! Needless to say, I am now very, very busy and spent my weekend doing nothing but creating hoop art!

I only stepped out of the house to teach my aerobics class, take my mother-in-law to lunch for her birthday, mosey quickly through an art market, and go to church.


Outside of that, this chick was sitting in a chair with a hoop and floss! With Husband at work on Saturday afternoon and night, I decided to have a stitching and Disney cartoon marathon. I wanted to see exactly how many hoops and flicks I could get through within an 8 hour period. I actually quite enjoyed this stitch-a-thon.


This was the result… Mulan:


This was followed by Mulan 2 during which I made dinner, ate, and took a 30 minute power nap.



The Princess and the Frog:


Then came the giant clean-up. You’d be amazed at just how many places tiny little pieces of floss can find themselves! I apologize for all of these mundane details and for even having the nerve to blog about this most uneventful weekend, but I also didn’t want you to think that I fell of the face of the planet. Toodles and stitch on!