Craft Fair Update

So yesterday I participated in my first ever craft fair, Artisan’s Alley in Coronado, CA. T’was quite the learning experience, loads of work, but very rewarding and quite fun! My dear sweet mother (pictured below) served as my assistant, as she has during the entire prep process leading up to the fair. What a God-send she was!


After the set-up was complete, with further assistance from my dear husband, the fun part began…..waiting. It’s quite interesting hearing what the average public thinks of your work for the first time. Not feedback received from your spouse, family, friends or neighbors who love you and hence have to say nice things about your work, but total strangers who don’t know you from Adam and are trying to decide whether or not your creations are worth spending their hard earned money on. Most of the feedback received was positive, thank God!

The three critiques I received were as follows:

  1. You should have some pieces featuring cats. Yes, I probably should and, having a cat myself, I love the little critters. However, being accepted into the fair only 18 days in advance, one does not have time to cover every topic under the sun. Furthermore, I vow to have a few animal pieces next year.
  2. You should have larger hoops. My largest hoop on display was 10″ and no one bought it. It would have taken one-million hours ( I did the math in my head) to embroider a hoop larger than 10″ and then I would have to price it at one-million dollars to make a profit (right?). So, thank you for the advice stranger, but I think I will stick to the smaller guys…. at least until I have an idea that requires a grand scale!
  3. You should take debit/credit card. This I know! But being the first ever selling of my goods (and a surprise at that), I don’t yet have all of my business ducks in a row. That being said, I will definitely be purchasing an Intuit mobile device soon. Perhaps Santa will leave one in my stocking!

Here are a few of the items that were adored and snagged quickly!

DSC_0568 (2)DSC_0575 (2)DSC_0583 (2)DSC_0585 (2)DSC_0586 (2)DSC_0588 (2)DSC_0598 (2)DSC_0587 (2)DSC_0593 (2)

The now, the item that I thought would’ve been snagged up instantaneously, but was not. Drum roll….

DSC_0607 (2)

Do parents not buy Christmas gifts for their children’s teachers anymore? This would have been a killer gift, if I do say so myself. I made three of these because I was so confident of its success. Wrong!

Overall, Artisan’s Alley was a phenomenal experience and I am glad that I was a part of it. I am definitely looking forward to the next fair… and will hopefully have more prep notice!



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