Rainbow Wish List

I find it utterly delightful to scour Etsy for fun little treasures that I would love to fill my tiny house with. So, I decided that you might like to see the colorful creations that I found most attractive today. I’m calling it the Rainbow Wish List (RWL), so Roy G. Biv will be represented accordingly.

Here we go:


Red: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal… how can you not immediately think of Home Alone? You can’t, point blank. Thus, it’s on the list.

Orange: how adorable are these tiny little egg cozies? So stinking cute! And festive without being obnoxiously orange, as I tend to (as I think most do) associate orange with autumn.

Yellow: mustard yellow, no secret, my favorite color. These little socks look super soft and warm, and the stitched hearts on the sides are just the cherries on top.

Green: I internally belted out “and a partridge in a pear tree” when I saw this. I’m positive that this is not a partridge nor a pear tree, but it works for me.

Blue: I will admit that I am not a fan of Elvis. Gasp! I know. Something about him sort of bugs me; just not sure what. I do however love the simple creativity behind this card. Adorable.

Indigo: in my head these violins are playing What Child is This?. Do you hear it too? Good, then it’s not just me. The violin is my all time favorite instrument; I melt whenever I hear it.

Violet: those who know me well know that I hate velvet, not quite as much as my does husband, but for the same reason. The texture of velvet is horrific! I want to cringe every time I pass velvet at a fabric store. These leggings did, however, make the list because they remind me of this festive, matching skirt and top that I wore one Christmas as a child. Should I one day have a daughter, she will never, ever wear velvet!

All items can be found on Etsy by clicking here: red , orange , yellow , green , blueindigo, violet


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