RWL: Necklaces

Item on the brain this week… necklaces! Henceforth, necklaces will be the featured item for this week’s Rainbow Wish List. Aren’t these just to die for?! I’ve been doing a little embroidered necklacing (yup, just created a word) of my own this week; more to share on that later. Enjoy these Etsy eye candy finds!

rednecklaceorangenecklaceyellownecklacegreennecklacebluenecklace  indigonecklacevioletnecklace

Red: although I am not entirely sure that I could personally pull this necklace off, I am a life-long lover of Snow White and this obviously screams SW.

Orange: I absolutely adore what this artists has done with the ombre look here. I’ve done a bit of ombre stitching lately, so this is near and dear to my heart right now.

Yellow: love the classic, simple look. Yellow can do no wrong in my book!

Green: how cute are these little clusters? They look like tiny green flower pomanders. I’m not a big necklace wearer, but I would rock this!

Blue: cameos are timeless and kitty-cats are precious. Put the two together and voilà; perfection!

Indigo: this almost looks like someone plucked a “blue” Christmas light off the string. Gotta love that shade.

Violet: I have a major thing for infinity necklaces, so this little gem is pure love for me. In fact, I’ve made a few of these using jersey before and I adore them.

So, which is your favorite?


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