Christmas Wrap Up

And it’s over! So, how was your Christmas? Pretty good over here, spent time with my family, the in-laws, saw Les Miserables (much more on this later), got some pretty cool craft books, and ate some amazing Christmas cookie bars. Life is good, thanks be to God!

Now allow me to introduce you to (part of) the family. Let’s start with Husband (yes, I truly do call my husband Husband and that is how I will refer to him here). Isn’t he cute? And yes, he shaves his head by choice (long story). He hates taking pictures, so he was a good sport for me today.

DSC_0632 (2)

Two sisters (Dee & Jeri) were missing from the morning festivities this year and Husband and I leave for his parents in the afternoon so I missed them entirely. Boo, I know. It always feels weird when one of us is missing; if you come from a big family you’ll know exactly what I mean. And in case you wanted to see the something stitched component to the sisters’ gifts, here they are. Like them?


Back to the line-up: sister #4 is Sam and here she is with her BF Skylar. This was right before they took a 3+ hour road trip to see his family. (Fear not, we connected via FaceTime later that night, so I was able to see that they arrived safely to their snowy destination, as well as meet Skylar’s entire family).


This is Andi (#5). She’s a beauty! And, I must say that she looks extra lovely in her Lefty Lex necklace. 😉

DSC_0633 (2)   DSC_0646 (2)

And lastly, this is Vince, my one and only brother.He’s only a sophomore in high school and he is a giant; he already towers me (and the Christmas tree) by nearly 6 inches!

DSC_0636 (2)  DSC_0655 (2)

Oh, and most important of all… Bosco! This was my mom’s early Christmas present from me. He’s a little maltipoo and he is adored and doted on by the entire family. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. And he found a hoop!

DSC_0664 (2)

I am absolutely terrible, I didn’t snap a single photo of either of my parents. For shame. You’ll just have to meet them later. Any how, hope your Christmas was merry and bright (even if it wasn’t white).

 DSC_0652 (2)


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