Shop Highlight: Fat Quarters

There is a place in Vista, California that is as close to fabric heaven as it gets. The name of this divine place? Fat Quarters Quilt Shop!

image image

A previous job that I held required me to travel to Vista a few times a week and one day I (very happily) stumbled upon this giant gem. I don’t get out there nearly as much as I’d like to nowadays as it’s at least 45 minutes away from my house. But today, I visited one of my sisters who lives somewhat nearby, so I decided to stop in before our visit. It had been at least a few months since I’d last been there and I had forgotten about much the the shop’s charm.

imageOh, how I love this place! Can you tell by the giant smile plastered on my face? I lucked out and I got there about 30 minutes before closing time and I was the only customer there so no one was watching me photograph myself and each little room that this converted house/shop boasts. Whew!

Enough typing, time for photos:

image  Buttons @ FQ  imageimage  image  image  image  image  image

image    image

My favorite room would have to be the attic; I’m highly confident that I could occupy myself for several hours just starring at all their beautiful prints. I especially like the collections they keep in stock from 1930! I find different treasures each time I go there.

image And better yet, they’re on Facebook; just search for Fat Quarters Quilt Shop. And if you live in or are ever in the SoCal area, you should stop by!


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