RWL: Felt

So, I’ve been working a lot with felt this week (a lot). And, let it be known that the only good felt supplier in San Diego County is way, way, way up north about 45 miles away and I have had to drive all the way up there twice in the past 10 days. Luckily I have my trusty musical soundtracks to keep me company while on the road! Anyhow, I decided that felt must be the topic for this week’s RWL; check out these cute little treasures!

feltred feltorange feltyellowfeltgreen feltblue

feltindigo   feltviolet

Red: My kingdom for a kiss! Can you hear Jeff Buckley singing? I find this felt castle creation whimsical and romantic. And bonus, the designer is from Spain (the land of amazing castles) so it seems fitting.

Orange: When I was little my Nana used to take me to a wonderful Chinese restaurant where we would drink tea, sip won ton soup, and eat shrimp fried rice till our hearts’ content. After the meal was finished we would walk to the counter to pay the bill and Nana would buy me a Sunkist gummy that looked very similar to this plushie. Nana went to be with Jesus in 2011 but I still buy that Sunkist gummy whenever I go to that Chinese restaurant and think of her.

Yellow: I want to buy this little yellow critter and keep him hidden in my pocket for sucky days. He just seems to exude joy and happiness. Lovely.

Green: I have no idea how these green shoes would actually feel; my gut feeling says itchy but they are fun! Want to hear a cringer? This was the color of the prom dress I wore my junior year… yikes!

Blue: After making several pendant necklaces myself, I have the utmost respect for anyone who can create artwork of this magnitude on such a tiny canvas. I especially like those six little French knots at the bottom (and I would kill to know  where those pendants come from!).

Indigo: I love, love, love this most of all! I might actually have to buy this from GaffneyGirlStudio; it’s seriously too cute. My needles would look much better stuffed in this vintage repurposed Jello mold then they do in their little plastic box. I might be drawn to this since I have been watching lots of Downton Abbey this week and it looks like something that might grace her Ladyship’s vanity!

Violet: Monochromatic color schemes do it for me. I’m not exactly sure what one would do with this little tuft of purples, but I like the shades (I believe that all 3 can be found in my felt box too). For some reason I imagine a toddler holding this running through a forest. Don’t you?

I’m so excited to show you what I’ve been doing with felt! Just a few more days until my reveal.


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