Iris Embroidery

While exploring in the attic this past weekend I came across a vintage piece of embroidery that I completely forgot about. Two years ago, Husband and I lived next door to the most amazing couple, Ken & Iris. They were from South Africa and , when we met them, they had been married for 67 years!

003   006

The photo on the left was taken the day before their 68th wedding anniversary. The photo on the right was taken on the day of their wedding. Ken shipped out to Italy to fight in WWII just days later. Sixty-eight years! Isn’t that amazing?! Oh, how I loved them! To make a long story short and to not rehash sad memories, Iris passed away about a year after we met them; Ken passed one year later. When Iris passed, her son asked me if I wanted any of her handmade treasures; I jumped at the chance! I truly loved the woman and having a handmade something of hers (something she had shown me with pride) was an amazing gift.

This is what her son selected for me. It’s a meticulously crafted (small) tablecloth. It screams “Iris”!


Check out these details! It honestly looks like a machine made this.

lg flor   sm flor   stork


Just thought that I’d share one of my most beloved treasures with you. I still miss this little lady every day!


One thought on “Iris Embroidery

  1. Wow Lex! That is such a beautiful story. I love her work. It reminds me of my nana pepas doilies that she would crochet. That us so sweet of her son to have passed her treasures to you- who really values them and also has the sentimental value as well. Thank you for sharing! I love true romance stories like these 67 years!! Xoxo keep up the great work 🙂

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