Giant First Step Taken!

Hello all! I’ve become a terrible, sporadic blogger, I know and I’m sorry!  This past month Husband and I have both started new jobs and moved into our house; add a giant craft fair and adoption paperwork into the mix and you can image why I’ve been blog MIA. But I absolutely had to share with you today because it is a very important day for us… we finally submitted our formal adoption application! We are paper pregant! I’m so excited, I feel like I’ve texted just about anyone who I think might possible half care about the fact that we are trying to grow our family.

We have decided to go with Lifeline Children’s Services after much prayer and  hearing (i.e. reading others’ blogs) many good things about their Special Needs Program to China. Yes, we will be adoptiong a child with some type of a medical special need. Yes, we are aware that this might will be challenging. No, this does not send us running for the hills. There are no guarentees in life, even with a biological child, so we will welcome whatever child God chooses to bring into our family. We are simply excited and honored at the prospect of being able to parent one of these precious children!

Now everything just became that much more real. And the $250 application fee is a nice little reminder that adoption is not cheap and we need to begin hustling even more than we have been in order to bring our little home from China. Much, much, much more on these fundraising efforts to come. For now, I’m placing my faith in the Lord and stitching out orders as fast as my little hands possibly can. Prayers for our family are greatly appreciated!

And if you’re a pre-adoptive parent yourself who wants to announce your adoption; then take a look at this little cutie that’s currently listed in my shop!

Adoption Mini Hoop Necklace

(I wish you could see the giant smile that is on my face right now!).


2 thoughts on “Giant First Step Taken!

  1. Yay Alexcis! I’m so happy for you & your husband! Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given and I just know you will be an AMAZING mama! Congratulations on not just your growing family, your growing business too, much love, support and best wishes!

  2. Congrats to your family to reach this milestone. We too adopted from China’s Special Needs. We’ve had Will in our family for just over 3 years and every day I am grateful.

    And best of luck with your fundraising.

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