New Site Coming Soon!

So, clearly I haven’t touched this (absolutely horrendous) blog in about 18 months. And if you’re here, it’s likely due to the fact that you follow me on Instagram (@leftylex) since that’s where I’ve been microblogging for over 2 years now. And, if your an Insta follower, then you know that I’m enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School and that this week we were focusing on websites. Eeek! Quite the challenge for this chick. However, I have made a few steps towards establishing a real website (not just blog) that I will be proud of… and where you can actually pick up some Lefty Lex hoops! Thus, all of this rambling to simply to say that better is coming (and I pretty much just needed to post something so that my most recent post isn’t from 10/2013!). Cheers to improvement!



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