RWL: Christmas Party Dresses

Challenge of the week (and I mean challenge) was to find desirable party dresses on Etsy in each lovely color of the rainbow. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong! Etsy dressmakers need to pick up the slack, several of these colors were severely underrepresented. And the ratio of true handmade artists vs. Asian factories posing under the guise of “handmade” was also quite appalling. I digress, here is the list…

dressred  dressorange  dressyellowdressgreen  dressblue

dressindigo dressviolet

Red: I love this little red number! I think this is a great choice for tall, lean girls will little up top (cough). It’s simple, yet playful; definitely one of my faves on this list.

Orange: I’m gonna be honest here, the pickings for orange dresses were not stellar (hence the reason I selected a photo of the dress’ back). I think what I actually liked most about this dress was the background of the photo. Gasp, I know! This seller lives in France and the background of this photo is very similar to a photo that I have of myself in France, which I’m sure is why I like it… memories. The dress? It’s an orange dress, it fit the job. I suppose I like the waistline.

Yellow: now, this yellow vintage number is true love for me! I adore everything about this dress, the neckline, the color, the ruching. It is also somewhat reminiscent of Belle’s ballgown from Beauty and the Beast, meaning it’s perfect.

Green: plain and simple. I’m digging the model’s natural look and the photo scenery here. She’s not pretentious, not overly model; just a girl in a green dress. I like the neckline here as well (this is yet another good dress choice for non-busty gals).

Blue: this is another dress that I enjoyed more from the back than front. The vintage fabric and color are awesome. I feel that this dress would best be suited for a swanky cocktail party with live a live jazz band and fabulous martinis!

Indigo: umm, the dress is indigo. There are tires in the background. That is all.

Violet: this dress is almost bridesmaid-esque. It’s short and playful; simple, but not plain. It’s cute and I like it.

Whew, that was challenging; easier topic next week!


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