Quatre Germanes

Quatre germanes? Four sisters in Catalan (the language spoken in the northeastern province of Spain). I have four sisters! Yes, excluding me. There are 6 of us; 5 girls then a boy. My poor baby bro; 5 older sisters.

sisterswedding From left to right: Sam (4), Dee (2), me (1), Jeri (3), and Andi (5).

DSC_0165 And this is Vince; the lone shot of testosterone among all that estrogen. He is a saint and I am always ridiculously proud of him!

So, the pros to having so many sisters is that there is always someone to hang out with, always clothes to borrow, and an endless supply of inside jokes. However, there are times when having 4 sisters can be quite challenging, particularly when Christmas is near approaching and handmade gifts still need to be made!


This is a flashback from several Christmases ago only weeks after I first learned to quilt. Just sharing this photo is enough to make me shiver with embarrassment! Don’t judge me, I had literally just began tackling the art of quilting and I was doing the very best that I could. I still can’t believe that I knocked these bad boys out in such a short amount of time. That being said, there is no way that I would ever gift these to my sisters now!

This year I have decided that I wanted to embroider something unique for each of them, but time is a precious commodity right now, so their something stitched is going to be very small. And although I can’t share full photos just yet (in the event that they are reading this post), I can share an underbelly photo and two color doctored photos (because I know for sure that Dee & Jeri are not reading this).

xmasmaking xmasmaking2 xmasmaking3

Only six days until Christmas…aaahhh!


One thought on “Quatre Germanes

  1. Alexcis, I think you did a beautiful job on those quilts and your sisters liked them as well. (I’m jealous I never got one ;))!!

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