Weekend Wrap Up

I love the weekend, don’t you? This weekend was the perfect blend of productivity and rest.

image Saturday’s mission was to take a trip to my favorite place in all of San Diego, Balboa Park, and photograph about 25-30 hoops. Yikes! I knew that this would not be an easy task, so I recruited the help of my 15 year old brother (who I can generally count on for good quality, yet inexpensive labor). He’s helped with with Lefy Lex stuff before and was a major help when I was preparing for Artisans Alley back in December.

It seemed as though Balboa Park was extra crowded today (even for a Saturday), but luckily the park is so massive that even the multitudes did not interfere with taking great photos.

image image image

The photo in the center was taken in the Spanish Village Art Center which houses 37 independent artist studios. It would be a dream to have one of these spaces; and it never hurts to dream. And believe it or not, little hooped Javert kept rolling towards water every time I turned my back! Stop Javert, suicide is not the answer! Luckily I was able to catch him before he took the plunge. (As my brother and I were taking this photograph, there was an elderly couple starring at us from afar, they began inching closer and once they were able to see what exactly was on the hoop, they began laughing hysterically. They much have been familiar with Les Mis.)

image And with Husband at work, Saturday night was spend uploading and editing photos, creating Etsy listings, organizing hoops, and watching many episodes of The Cosby Show. I live life on the wild side.

image Sunday began, as it always does, with church. (This is my happy, ready to worship face). The sermon was entitled: Something Greater than Jonah is Here (Luke 11:27-32). I love our church and am grateful that our pastor continually delivers Christ-centered sermons week after week.

image Brunch followed church, as it usually does. Husband said that he hadn’t been to Perry’s Cafe in at least a decade, so we stopped on in. I was a less than impressed. I ordered a zucchini frittata (without cheese) and it was one of the blandess things I’ve eaten in a while. Husband enjoyed his Mexican frittata (and the remaining of my entree) so Perry’s was not a total failure.

image Brunch was immediately followed by a lovely Sunday nap. Oh day of rest! I woke up with a headache (not migraine, thank God!) first thing that morning so I required two naps prior to 5PM on this particularly sleepy Sunday.

image image   image

And the weekend ended in the best way possible: curling up with my boys watching Downton Abbey! Jack’s face looks distorted in that last photo because Husband was forcing him to look at the camera. For some reason or another that cat will not look at a camera… drives me nuts!

That was my weekend; I hope yours was just as lovely!


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