RWL: Valentine’s Day

Well, just two short days until Valentine’s Day. Truth be told, Husband and I are not the biggest Valentine’s Day celebrators. I have two reasons for permitting this: 1) my birthday is in January (just a few short days after Christmas) and 2.) our wedding anniversary is in March. So I am never truly in the mood for another obligatory festive celebration. Husband should be so happy, he gets off easy!

However, I am not a total Valentine’s Day grinch so I present to you, this week’s love themed RWL!

vdayred vdayorange vdayyellowvdaygreen  vdayblue  vdayindigo   vdayviolet 

Red: I like to think that one day I’ll be the kind of mom who makes uber cute traditions for my kids like making the same love theme breakfast each Valentine’s Day. Perhaps I’d have a cute little bowl like this cute little white and red heart number. It would of course be accompanied by an equally cute mug, plate, table runner, and other heart themed paraphernalia just to complete the effect. And probably an embroidered napkin or two (let’s keep it real here).

OrangeHello. Also, I love you. This is my kind of card exactly: super weird, simple, and to the point. I like cards that aren’t entirely expected. This card is able to capture the love and Valentine’s Day effect without being red, pink or covered with little cupids. I’m also a giant fan of the letterpress look, magnificent!

Yellow: I adore this little yellow print and think that it belongs in my craft space. I love the many shades of yellow (none of them are annoying primary or neon shades) and I quite fancy the font as well; sweet and simple.

Green: This is actually a fridge magnet made of tile. I think that I’m drawn to this piece because it reminds me of Gaudi’s Parc Guell in Barcelona, a home of many, many tiles. If you are not familiar with Parc Guell, then you must take at least two minutes to check out some of the photos on this site: You will not regret it, I promise you! This is the most whimsical place I have ever been; it literally feels like you are stepping into a fairy tale  when you’re there. Hop a plane to Barcelona right now and let the whimsy begin!

Blue: For some reason or another I keep find myself crushing on useless little felt objects. No offense to the artist intended; of course these little blue felted hearts are not useless. If they can make someone smile, then they have purpose. But for practicality’s sake, not much use is achieved through tiny felt hearts… but I love them! Perhaps they’d look cute in a shadow box? Or placed together with other goods to make a unique centerpiece? I’m sure I could come up with a few good uses for these little guys should they make their way to my house!

Indigo: Okay, I know what you’re thinking here in regards to my indigo pick: that it’s not really indigo. But it is, it’s even titled Indigo Heart! So there, I win! This is actually a photograph of a door that belongs to an old, old house in Monaco. And although I have never been to Monaco (Southern France, but not Monaco) I can imagine that this door would belong to an old romantic house in a neighborhood with only cobblestone roads and surrounded by oodles and oodles of flowers. If only you could see the image in my mind!

Violet: Remember being around age 8 and thinking that nothing in the world was cooler than wearing broken heart best friend necklaces with your best friend? That is exactly what these pendants remind me of! Is that not the precursor to the engagement ring? It basically says: hand’s off, this best friend has already been spoken for!

Okay, just one more because for some strange reason I felt drawn to this strange little image. Happy Valentine’s day everyone!



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