Busy Little Bee

It has been extraordinarily busy over here in Lefty Lex land! With just 9 short days until LeftyLexCreations opens on Etsy, I’ve had lots and lots to do! Unless your a shop owner yourself, or are in the process of becoming one, you have no idea how much work actually goes into opening a (presentable and non-tacky) shop. It’s borderline exhausting, I get tired just thinking of everything that has been completed thus far! Design drafting, supply shopping, product execution (stitching, etc.), photographing products, editing photos, uploading to Etsy, writing descriptions, battling the dreaded pricing issues, finalizing logo and all things branding, keeping up with social media, keeping up with this here blog (or trying to!), etc., etc. Whew! I now have a new level of respect for people who make their full-time living running successful shops.

While I know that these are all necessary tasks that must be executed in order to open shop, I have spent such a large amount of time on the computer over the past couple of weeks that I have begun missing the actual stitching process immensely! So, for the past three days, I have dedicated at least an hour per day to the pure joy of stitching. The results have been a happier me and the following little gems…

image image imageimage image image

That was a nice little hiatus, now back to work!


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