Etsy Countdown

I have been blog MIA, I know. But this does not mean that I have not been super busy! As LeftyLexCreation is scheduled to open in TWO DAYS, I have been spending loads of QT with my laptop getting everything up and running on Etsy. This is what my morning view has primarily consisted of for the past week or so:

Etsy Countdown

Aaahh; the printscreen alone gives me nightmares! This is not the creative outlet that I need before (and after) I work my regular 9-5, but my shop isn’t going to up and open itself so this is just a necessary evil that must be tackled. Lord willing, this will be the most that I have to work on the computer for Lefty Lex for a while. There is nothing as fun as sitting at a computer from 5:30AM-8:00AM, getting ready for work, then sitting at another computer from 8:30A-5:30P for work! On these days 6PM yoga cannot come fast enough! Hopefully this is just for a short period of time and I take comfort in knowing that I will never again list 30 new items all at once.

I can see the finish line, it’s so close! I honestly feel like I am at mile 12 of a half marathon and just started getting a side ache; so close, yet so painful! All will be well very soon! For now, however, I feel like I’m existing in a barricade of hoops!



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