Weekend Wrap Up 3/2-3/3

It was a lovely weekend to be in sunny San Diego, California! It was in the 80s on Saturday, then a bit cooler on Sunday, but only light cardigan weather. The weather could not have been better to kick off the 9th Annual San Diego Cruisin’ Quilter Shop Hop! What is the SD Shop Hop? Why it’s when all of the old lady quilters of SoCal and I go from quilt shop to quilt shop to see the latest wares out there. Seriously, I am always the only person under 50 doing this! More info on the hop here: http://www.cruisinquilters.com/html/default.asp

A few years ago I hit all 13 shops with a vengeance, but this year I am not going to kill myself if I miss a shop or two. I was able to leisurely hit 4 shops… and boy were they packed! Here are the shops that I went to:

image 1. The Country Loft: rustic, charming, incredibly crowded (!), and my new go-to shop for felts when I’m in dire need and can’t make the trek to Fat Quarters.

Rosie's Calico Cupboard 2. Rosie’s Calico Cupboard: lovely staff, large book collection, absolutely enormous, carrier of all new Moda collections, 2nd favorite shop in SD.

Cozy Quilt Shop 3. Cozy Quilt Shop: offers loads of classes, large Bernina machine collection, loads of quilt patterns available.

Fat Quarters 4. Fat Quarters Quilt Shopthe best shop in SoCal!!! My love for this shop cannot be accurately measured. I will not gush again about this store just yet, but click here if you want to read a previous gush: https://leftylex.com/2013/01/06/shop-highlight-fat-quarters/

The weekend was not filled entirely with shop hopping. Saturday was also my little brother’s first swim meet of the season.

Vince Swim Meet That’s him, my baby brother, super tall and skinny.

image image image

And although I love my brother dearly, swim meets are somewhat tiresome and incredibly long! I was there for over two hours and still left before his final two races…geez! And you can imagine how Mom’s puppy felt about the whole situation…


Later that night Husband and I had a lovely date night at Seaport Village!

image I love Seaport Village so much! Only, in my childhood recollections, I do not remember so many homeless people rummaging through the trash cans.

image I do however have found memories of the carousel! It’s just as lovely now as it was those 20+ years ago. Only now just watching it spin around is enough to make me sick!

image And we decided to eat at the Pier Cafe, how cool is (literally) eating right over the water? The floor consists of old wooden planks that are not perfectly aligned, so I could actually see the water beneath my feet! The food wasn’t too shabby either. And the company, as always, was superb. It was a fabulous ending to a busy Saturday.

Sunday began as it always does, bright and early with worship.


This was followed by a failed attempted to visit the Carlsbad Flower Fields. We drove at least 40 minutes to get there and (although it was opening weekend) there were absolutely no flowers!!! What a bust! Oh well, we’ll try again in a few weeks. Now time to face Monday… bring it on!


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