RWL: Lucky Seven

In five short days Husband and I will have been married for SEVEN years! Seven! I can hardly believe it. And for some strange reason I am more excited for this anniversary than I have been for any other. I’m not exactly sure why, it’s not the big 10 year quite yet, but I’ve been anticipating it nonetheless. So with seven on my mind this week, I present you the seven inspired Rainbow Wish List. Enjoy!

Lucky Number Seven (7) Birthday or Anniversary Card in Aqua Blue & Red on 100% Recycled PaperVintage Marquee Lights - Ready to Ship - Number 7

Vintage Seven Brides for Seven Brothers 45 Records - 2 Discs 1954

Lucky Number Seven Skeleton Key Necklace Recycled Sailcloth Tote Bag with hand-spliced rope handles7 blue - 4 x 6 fine art photograph Typography Print, Quote Print, Number Seven, Numerals, Pink, Purple, Nude, Wall Decor - Lucky Seven (8x10)

By taking a quick look at this RWL you can tell that it’s a bit different than most. Most of the items are strictly number sevens so there isn’t much desiring of any of these items, but I would love, love, love to have the lovely yellow item: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

Have you seen this musical? It’s amazing! It’s a very sweet story, the choreography is awesome, and the costumes are bursting with color. I have yet to see this on stage, but one of the high schoolers at my church is going to be in a performance this spring so I’ll have the chance to see it then. I’m sure that she is going to knock it out of the park! Here’s a snippet if you’ve never seen it:

And my final plug for why seven is an awesome number… dialogue from The Seven episode from Seinfeld:

“I defy you to come up with a better name than Seven.”
“Seven Costanza… You’re serious?” 
“Yeah. It’s a beautiful name for a boy or a girl. Especially a girl… Or a boy.” 
“I don’t think so.” 
“What, you don’t like the name?” 
“It’s not a name. It’s a number.” 
“I know. It’s Mickey Mantle’s number. So not only is it an all-around beautiful name, it is also a living tribute.” 
– George and Susan, in “The Seven”

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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