Day 6: Expect the Unexpected

When considering adoption, one must always expect the unexpected. Yup. I have yet to find the magical adoptive mom who floated quickly and happily along in her adoption without running into a single hiccup. Boy, do those hiccups come! They come in the forms of documents going missing in the mail or that physicians ignoring your requests to complete extra medical forms. Hiccups can come from missing an initial on an important item… or forgetting to include a payment! I encountered so many hiccups during my first adoption that I thought I was the star in some cruel slap-stick adoption comedy! And with one successful adoption under my belt now, I’m praying to encounter less hiccups this time around.

But hiccups are only one of the many “unexpecteds” to expect during adoption. For example, we’re currently in the LOI (Letter of Intent to Adopt) and home study update phase of our adoption. And although it’s only been about 18 months since doing all of this for Kai’s adoption, I completely forgot the amount of time and effort that it takes! How did I forget this?! And the sense of urgency that seems to completely control your body and mind once you’ve identified that your child is living on the other side of the world away from you. Your little hands can’t type all of the emails and forms fast enough to get your baby home! And who on earth expects to fall completely in love with someone you’ve never met simply by looking at his/her photo?! Would you ever imagine that a giant hole somehow grows in your heart once you see your baby’s face and only he/she can fill it? It’s a crazy emotional overload, I tell you!

But the unexpecteds are also amazing. They come in the form of new friendships with adoptive moms. They come in the form of a donation check from an old friend in the mail. They come in the form of an encouraging email from a stranger. They come in the form of a “hang in their” gift from an adult adoptee. Then they come in the form of traveling to your child. And they come in the form of holding your baby in your arms for the first time. And they come in the form of your heart healing.

Yes, expect the unexpected. Praise God that we are so finite and that His ways are so majestic.


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